Patient Testimonials

  • I am so thankful that Doctor Ronald White of Kennedy & White Orthopedics recommended Gulf Shore Physical Therapy after a hip replacement. Every single person there worked so hard to help me to get better. The truly caring staff were excellent and so kind.

    It’s a year later and they’re helping relieve pain from plantar fasciitis in my foot. Several years ago, now knowing about Gulf Shore, I went to a different physical therapy facility. At that other place, in and out, in fifteen minutes! My appointment at Gulf Shore? Over an hour of different modes of getting me better! Love the care and concern that they show to all that come in!

    Marianne Jerzyk

    Marianne Jerzyk recommends Gulf Shore Physical Therapy Center

  • The Best ! Very professional and always makes me feel better !

    Ronald S.

  • These guys are SO good! 10 out of 10 would recommend

    Rachel Q.

  • Very professional & educated staff, A very well run facility, friendly atmosphere, They make Physical Therapy fun and I enjoy going!

    Vinny D.

  • Emily is a gem

    Salvatore V.

  • I have been going here for the last 6 weeks for my shoulders and they have helped me tremendously. It is a great experience and I truly enjoy my treatments and the staff is awesome.

    Rob K.

  • Awesome and caring!

    Ramona S.

  • Gulf Shore Physical Therapy Center is the best physical therapy center I have ever attended. Not only do they make you feel better, they also make you feel welcomed into a very relaxed, and fun loving atmosphere. Tony Teresi, Dr. Mike, and staff are all very professional and like a family, and they make you feel a part of that family. I’ve been coming for a while for 3 times a week, and each time I leave a session, I look forward to my next appointment. Now that’s saying something since I always hated physical therapy. I highly recommend Gulf Shore Physical Therapy Center.

    Noreen F.

  • The people at Gulf Shore have been quite helpful. They answer all of my questions with patience. The best part is that I am being taught the correct tools with the proper form so that I can do the exercises when I’m at home and in the road. Thank you all very much!

    Andrew F.

  • I think what impressed me the most about Gulf Shore was the sense of team. Compassionate, caring, and a good dose of humor along with Mike and Tony’s skill made the pain easier to deal with. They are five remarkable people. They are professional, but not stuffy.

    I am pleased to have been a part of the Gulf Shore experience!

    Carolyn O.

  • The best place to go for rehabilitation & PT. I’ve been coming here for different issues for 8 yrs. It’s a very friendly place to come, everyone is AWESOME!

    Joanne D.

  • Caring…kindness…concern..high level of expertise…encouragement…individualized rehab program…a relaxed but focused atmosphere…these are all the things I received and more after I came to GSPT after my knee replacement. My sincerest thanks to Tony, Mike, Eric, Phillipe, and the crew for helping me to acheive my rehab goals. I continue to recommend you all to anyone needing top level therapy. You are more than my therapists…you are family!

    Vicki N.

  • Really great, knowledgeable staff and very caring. This is my 2nd time here, they are good at helping you get back on your feet.

    Carrie K.

  • Superb care given by an excellent and very friendly team of physicians, physical therapists, and staff assistants. The office has a very warm, caring and receptive environment. The team is very acutely concerned with and attentive to helping patients get better with their rehab care using various forms of innovative treatment techniques. I highly recommend Gulf Shore Physical Therapy Center and its staff for any rehab care.

    Daniel D.

  • I can’t tell you just how awesome everyone is at this facility. I am back to myself, thank you ALL!

    Fran P.

  • Very skilled group of professionals who not only love what they do, but most importantly helping thier clients improve. I highly recommend. Great atmosphere.

    Michelle P.

  • They are great here. Helping me to do things I have not done in years.

    Mary W.

  • I find the therapy to be excellent. They Listen and diagnose well. They come up with successful procedures. Friendly and a very helpful group.

    Emil D.

  • For the past six weeks, I have been going to Gulf Shore for treatments due to a flare-up of the arthritis in my neck. When I started, I could barely hold my neck up for any period of time without sitting and resting it against a chair back. Thanks to this great group of professionals, I am almost all of the way back to feeling normal. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. I want to give out a special thank you to Tony for all the hard work and help and to Dr. Mike for my home program.

    Sharon U.

  • These guys are the best. I hobbled in with a cane but after treatment, I walked out carrying the cane over my head. Thanks Eric! You rock!

    Becky C.

  • I had an issue with my back on August 15th which stopped all my physical activity and movement. Dr. Grice of Intercoastal Medical had x-rays and an MRI done on my spine and sent me to Gulf Shore for physical therapy. I must say the entire staff have treated me with kindness, respect and care. After a month of therapy I was able to function at 75% of my norm. I continue my PT regularly and am able to resume my physical routines. My thanks to Tony, Mike , Erik, Emily and entire staff.

    Scott M.

  • I had knee replacement surgery almost 3 months ago. The GSPT team helped keep me motivated with my exercises and always gave me great advice to keep me moving. They answered my many questions about my progress and suggested techniques to improve my mobility and balance.

    I am very grateful to Tony and the entire staff for putting me on a steady path to complete recovery. Their professional services are greatly appreciated and I would highly recommend the Center to anyone needed PT.

    Debby J.

  • When you call, either Megan or Monica answers the phone. There is no push 1 – wait-push – 2 type of response.

    Dorothy G.